Covid-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area?

Cases are people who have tested positive for coronavirus. Public health bodies may occasionally revise their case numbers. Case rate by age only available for England. *The “average area” means the middle ranking council or local government district when ranked by cases per 100,000 people. The case rate chart shows how many people have tested […]

Covid: Nurses condemn 'fundamentally flawed' PPE rules

Covid-19: Vaccine offers for all those aged 56 or over

Women’s health: Female patients to be asked about ‘gender health gap’


Smart glasses help to find your makeup pallet

The coronavirus pandemic has seen makeup counters around the world temporarily close, but there are some tech solutions which can help if you need some advice or want to try a new shade of lipstick. BBC Click’s Jen Copestake finds out more. See more at Click’s website and @BBCClick Source link

Deliveroo to hand riders up to £10,000 in UK float

Valve abandons Artifact card game despite promised reboot

Oppo’s expanding phone can grow and shrink on demand


National Trust maps out climate threats to historic places

The map will help to plan interventions such as tree planting and peat bog restoration. Source link


Covid and bird flu: The other lockdown putting livelihoods at risk

Dealing with the effects of Covid lockdown has been tough enough, but for poultry farmers in Wales there is a second viral challenge on their doorstep – bird flu. Following a bird flu outbreak in November 2020, a nationwide lockdown has been in place since December, forcing all captive birds to stay indoors. Any farms […]


Government has no climate change plan – MPs

Mr Black added: “Coming on the back of a Budget that didn’t even try to get the Conservatives on track to their net zero target, the conclusion that they don’t have a plan for reaching it, just months before the UK hosts a major UN climate summit for the first time, should stimulate some serious […]