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Newspaper headlines: 'May in meltdown' and 'Bercow may stay as speaker'

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“May in meltdown” is the headline in the Sunday Times. The front page says that leaked emails between Remain MP Dominic Grieve and a parliamentary clerk detail plans to suspend Britain’s departure from the EU. The paper also says Theresa May plans to offer a bilateral treaty to Ireland that would remove the backstop from her EU withdrawal deal.

The Observer

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The Observer reports that John Bercow is considering abandoning plans to step down as Commons speaker after cabinet ministers threatened to deny him a peerage. It had been reported that Mr Bercow was planning to quit as speaker in the summer.

Sunday Telegraph

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International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has warned that failing to deliver on the 2016 referendum would open up a “yawning gap” between voters and Parliament. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, the Conservative MP added that removing the option of a no-deal Brexit would mean the UK had given up its “strongest card” in negotiations with Brussels.

Sunday Express

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The Sunday Express reports that a group of Remainers in the Cabinet will support an alleged plot to secure a second referendum in a bid to stop Brexit.

Mail On Sunday

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Prince Philip has received a “ticking-off” by Norfolk Police after he was photographed not wearing his seatbelt two days after a crash near Sandringham, the Mail on Sunday reports. A Norfolk Police spokesman said “suitable words of advice have been given to the driver”.

Sunday Mirror

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The woman whose wrist was broken says she has not received an apology from the Duke of Edinburgh, the Sunday Mirror reports. Emma Fairweather, who was a passenger in the car involved in the collision, said: “It has been such a traumatic and painful time and I would have expected more of the Royal Family.”

Sun on Sunday

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Ant McPartlin says his new girlfriend has saved his life after a drink-drive conviction led him to take a break from his TV work, the Sun on Sunday reports. In an interview with the paper he also said he could not bear to watch Holly Willoughby presenting alongside Declan Donnelly on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Sunday People

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A boy suffered 25 heart attacks in 24 hours – thought to be the most suffered by one person in the UK in a single day – the Sunday People reports. Baby Theo suffered the heart attacks at nine months old, but 12 months on he has recovered from the life-saving operation and is flourishing.

Star on Sunday

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The wife of darts player Raymond van Barneveld fled her house after three gun-wielding burglars ransacked the couple’s home in the Netherlands, the Daily Star reports. Silvia van Barneveld said she was beaten by the intruders who held a firearm to her head, while her husband was playing darts in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

A day before Theresa May is due to outline to MPs how she will move on from her Brexit deal defeat, the Sunday Times says the prime minister’s plan B will be to offer a bi-lateral treaty to the Irish Republic that would remove the controversial “backstop” from the withdrawal treaty.

The paper says Mrs May’s best hope is that the DUP can be brought back on board by an accommodation with the Irish government and the EU on the issue – and the group of hard-line Brexiteers, the ERG, can then also be persuaded to back the revised deal.

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But in the Sunday Mirror, Labour MP Yvette Cooper says the government is in danger of “drifting into no deal by accident”.

She is planning to introduce legislation that would give Theresa May until the end of next month to sort out Brexit or postpone leaving the EU for the rest of the year.

Friends of Commons Speaker John Bercow tell the Observer that he is angry that cabinet ministers have threatened to deny him a peerage, over alleged “bias” against the government over Brexit.

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As a consequence, he is now considering abandoning his plans to step down this summer. They say he disapproves of attempts to bully him into toeing the government line and is thinking of exercising his right to stay on until the end of this Parliament.

Away from Brexit, the Star on Sunday says the Duke of Edinburgh caused “outrage” yesterday by returning to the road just 48 hours after he was involved in a car crash.

The Mail on Sunday asks whether it was wise of the prince to flout the law by driving without a seatbelt; he received an official warning from police.

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One of the women involved in the crash has told the Mirror she still hasn’t had any contact from the royal household. Emma Fairweather says the Duke should prioritise contacting her over test-driving his new car.

And research detailed in the Sunday Times suggests Londoners are taking so much cocaine that it can be found in the Thames, and is making eels hyperactive.

The paper says the class A drug should be removed by water treatment but the system is failing.

In its leader column the paper asks, is this why Benny the beluga whale – first spotted last year – has been so reluctant to leave the capital’s river?

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